About us

A question of balance

We believe that the basis for successful planning work is a perfect balance between creative energy, discipline, and diligence.

We attribute our success in ambitious construction projects to material spanning knowledge and conceptual thinking. Our active participation with the themes and ideas of our planning partners plays a pivotal role in the development of a structural solution, which is integrated into the overall work.

Our commitment, creativity and enjoyment of our work have consistently produced many innovative ideas that are being used repeatedly in our construction projects. Our work, however, is ultimately measured by the quality of planning services rendered. Viable and proper planning documents, as well as the awareness of costs and deadlines, are viewed as a foundation for our successful planning.

The end result is a structure where our client’s objectives are realized in the most qualitative and cost effective manner.



In February 2009, the pharmaceutical company F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG made an international call for tender for the structural engineering work of their 178m tall office building. Our company was selected during the tendering process due to our references and methods of operation. Martin Stumpf took over the project management for Bau 1 in Basel and transferred his principal work location to Basel.

As well as Bau 1, there were an increasing number of competitions and smaller projects in operation. In the summer of 2012, we moved into our new offices in the picturesque St. Alban valley in Basel. Our team consists primarily of engineers, draftspersons, and site managers so that we are perfectly established for all tasks concerning sophisticated structural engineering. Since 2019, our long-standing employee, Lars Keim, has been Managing Director and Partner, and together with Martin Stumpf, has been managing our office in Basel.
Various first prizes are the bounty of numerous competitions, e.g. the DBSG (Department for Exercise, Sport, and Health at University of Basel) in Basel with Caesar Zumthor and Markus Stern, and the old Academy in Munich with the architects Morger and Partner.
We also pass our great interest in sophisticated construction engineering on to college students: Martin Stumpf has been lecturing to young civil engineers at the FH Nordwestschweiz (North Swiss Institute of Technology) since 2014.
We place a high demand on ourselves that we can explain our structures simply and comprehensibly to other planning participants at any time. We believe that this is one of the reasons why architects are very happy to bring us on board during competition phases.
In the selection of materials, we choose innovative and new materials such as ultra-high performance concrete, textile and fibre reinforced concrete, and high-tensile grades of steel as well as the classic materials such as concrete, timber, steel, ETFE, and textile membranes. Our commitment to sustainable building ensures the energy efficient quality of our projects and the implementation of decisive aspects of sustainability in the planning process. Furthermore, we have been actively advancing BIM projects for several years and we are deeply committed to interdisciplinary collaboration with other planning partners using the BIM method.

Another area of our operations is the provision of second opinions: We demonstrate optimization, and even cost saving potential for clients in their large and technically sophisticated projects. When providing a second opinion, we work cooperatively with the engineers who designed the concept we are evaluating.


2020 2. Prize Secondary school in Zürich-Affoltern with Burckhardt+Partner Architekten, Basel
2020 1. Prize Campus for the headquarters of the 'Deutsche Bundesbank' in Frankfurt with Morger Partner Architekten, Basel
2020 1. Prize Skyscraper West, Neumatt in Spreitenbach with HILDEBRAND und Ruprecht Architekten, Zürich
2020 2. Prize Skyscraper Lischenmoos, Guemligen Baufeld A1, with Morger Partner Architekten, Basel
2019 1. Prize Refurbishment and urban development of the Bundeswehr high-rise area Bremen, with EM2N
2019 2. Prize New Soccer bleacher in Buechenwald, with Atelier DWA
2018 3. Prize Sports facilities 'Obere Au' in Chur, with Porr Suisse, Degelo Architekten and Ritter Schumacher
2018 3. Prize Extension of the Belvédère School in Lausanne, with Office Oblique, Zürich
2018 3. Prize Extension of the Reichshof Stadium in Lustenau, with Ritter Schumacher, Chur
2017 1. Prize Heidelberg Convention Centre, with Degelo Architekten, Basel
2017 1. Prize Commercial area Quartier Heidestrasse Berlin, with EM2N, Zurich
2017 4. Prize Replacement buildings for the Centre for Geriatric Psychiatry "Haus im Wald" and the Centre for Crisis Intervention "Haus am Hügel", with ds.architekten eth sia, Basel
2017 3. Prize New building for the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute in Basel, with Caesar Zumthor Architekten und Markus Stern Architekten, Basel
2016 3. Prize Renovation and extension of the Retirement Centre Bühli in Ennenda, with ds.architekten eth sia, Basel, Bern
2016 4. Prize New building laboratory and office building ETH Zürich, with Caesar Zumthor Architekten & Markus Stern Architekten, Basel
2016 1. Prize Renovation of the Old Academy in Munich with Morger Partner Achitekten, Basel
2016 3. Prize New building residential and office centre for physically disabled persons (WBZ) in Reinsch, with Morger Partner Architekten, Basel
2015 3. Prize Campus building with underground parking for the Medical Faculty at Johannes Kepler University in Linz, with HERTL.ARCHITEKTEN, Steyr und wulf architekten, Stuttgart
2015 1. Prize New building for Department for Exercise, Sport, and Health at University of Basel (DSBG) with Caesar Zumthor architects and Markus Stern architects, Basel
2015 - New railway viaduct / Nouveau viaduc ferroviaire de la Baye de Clarens, with Knight Architects, High Wycombe, UK